It’s been roughly 21 months since a network of Facebook groups began a political and public health disinformation campaign, coordinated by well-known Alaska Republican Party figures, in an attempt to wrest control of Anchorage from voter-backed progressive leadership. That means it’s been 20 months since I began writing about the general insanity of far-right Anchorage politics.

To be clear, it was never my desire to begin writing about politics, but I soon realized it was impossible to focus solely on the grotesque activities of Save Anchorage, if only because group administrators and members had the gall to proudly tout their conspiracy theories, misinformation and right-wing rhetoric at government meetings.

Writing anonymously has not been fun for me but I also have no regrets about doing so, especially given the violent rhetoric being espoused by Save Anchorage members was on full public display. While suggestions I should be shot continue to trickle in from time to time (often in Comic Sans because how else would you make a violent threat via email?), I’ve grown more confident that many such suggestions are likely bullying tactics similar to those employed by elements of the far-right.

The past year and a half has been an exhausting adventure, but writing has afforded me the great opportunity to engage with truly exceptional people who care deeply about the direction of our city and state — people who long for a return to civil discourse instead of continuing on in the hateful divisive rhetoric trumpeted by administration officials, certain assemblypersons and those who support them.

As the Blue Alaskan, I have watched in disgust as irresponsible media members, political operatives and so-called “civic activists” alleged various conspiracy theories related to the identity or identities of The Blue Alaskan. Sometime within the next week or so, I will reveal my identity in an interview on the Hello Alaska podcast hosted by Midnight Sun Editor Matt Acuña Buxton and Pat Race.

When the interview runs, it will be both amusing and glorious to watch as the conspiracy theories established and propagated by one particular civic activist fall like a house of cards.

As for the Alaska Landmine’s reckless bounty, if I recall correctly, to collect it one had to provide “irrefutable proof” demonstrating authorship of The Blue Alaskan. As I am the only one with “irrefutable proof,” as opposed to those who play guessing games, I propose that the Landmine split the bounty in the following manner:

$500 to Identity Inc. in the name of Judy Eledge and the remainder donated to the Anti-Defamation League in the name of Anchorage Mayor David Bronson.

See you soon. 💙