Video: Bronson’s New Dog Whistle, The Broken Window Theory

At the recently held Alaska Federation of Filipino Americans’ candidate forum, a question asked of the candidates was “What will your top 3 priorities be in office?”

Bronson, the candidate backed by far-right Facebook group Save Anchorage, undoubtedly made great gains with his base when he offered up the Broken Window Theory as a solution to deal with crime.

Crime, according to data from the Anchorage Police Department, has trended downward throughout 2020 according to data from the Anchorage Police Department.

The Broken Window Theory suggests that policing methods which target minor crimes, help to create an atmosphere of order and lawfulness, thereby preventing more serious crimes.

In 2016, a Department of Justice report argued that the theory had led to the Baltimore Police Department discriminating against and alienating minority groups.

Dorothy Roberts, a social justice advocate who writes and lectures on gender, race, and class, wrote in “Foreword: Race, Vagueness, and the Social Meaning of Order Maintenance and Policing,” that the Broken Window Theory leads to the “criminalization of communities of color who are typically disfranchised.”

Roberts also emphasized the dangers of vaguely written ordinances that would allow law enforcement to determine who engages in disorderly acts, which, in turn, produce a racially skewed outcome in crime statistics.

Bronson says in the video he doesn’t understand why the theory has stopped being used.

Proponents of the theory claim that it helped reduce crime in New York City, however the data and views on that claim are murky at best.

Does Bronson want to start heavily policing predominantly minority areas in the Municipality of Anchorage? Listen and decide for yourself.