Video: Allard’s Embarrassing Breach of Decorum

Video: Allard’s Embarrassing Breach of Decorum

Eagle River Assembly Gollum and “Save Anchorage” member Jamie Allard had another disastrous moment at the Anchorage Assembly meeting last evening, and the moment was captured on video.

The video, recorded by East Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar and shared to Twitter early this morning, appears to show a visibly upset Allard ā€” in the personal space of Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance.

“What’s not going to happen Suzanne? Are you going to stop me from being represented,” Allard asked, all but in the face of LaFrance after she had called a break to the meeting which had begun just 18 minutes prior.

Comments made on Twitter by those who were in attendance at the meeting said that Allard was yelling at Assemblyman Christopher Constant during the abrubtly called break from across the dais. A video shared to social media appears to corroborate those comments.

Dunbar wrote that Allard’s behavior was “perhaps the most embarrassing breach of decorum from a member” he had ever seen, with the possible exception of her previous “meltdown” with former Chair Felix Rivera.