Update in Case of Former Save Anchorage Member Aaron J. Mileur

A Memorandum Regarding Status of Discovery was filed last week in The United States of America v. Aaron James Mileur. Mileur, a former Save Anchorage Facebook member, was arrested in March by the FBI for his alleged role in the Capitol Hill riot.

According to the Statement of Facts filed by a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation earlier this year, Mileur had entered the Capitol with an intent to disrupt Congressional business. The Statement of Facts also stated that a video recorded from inside the United States Capitol Building was posted to Mileur’s Facebook account as well as to the “Save Anchorage” Facebook group.

“A secondary complainant submitted a tip to the FBI National Threat Operations Center (NTOC) with a video posted on Facebook by Mileur. The video was posted to Mileur’s Facebook account as well as to the Facebook group called “Save Anchorage.” The video does not depict Mileur however, the video was recorded from inside the United States Capitol building.”

FBI Statement of Facts

The latest court filing states that as an initial matter, “substantial discovery” has already been provided in Mileur’s case and that “The United States is investigating allegations that Aaron James Mileur willfully and knowingly entered the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, without legal authority, and participated in violent and disorderly conduct…”

In January, some comments made to the Save Anchorage group by its members appeared to support the armed Capitol Hill Insurrection, with one member writing, “The storming of the Capitol was a necessary evil,” while many other members of the Facebook group supported Donald Trump’s election fraud conspiracy.

You can read the latest court filing below.