Unmasked: Neighbor falsely turns in neighbor

A day before in-person voting begins in the special election to decide whether Anchorage Assembly Member Meg Zaletel should be recalled from her seat on the Anchorage Assembly, photographs of Zaletel purportedly taken over the weekend surfaced this morning showing an un-masked Zaletel in a local business.

One of the “just in the nick of time” photographs shared by the Alaska Stalker shows Zaletel sitting in a business conversing with a friend of the Assemblywoman — the photographs, perhaps conveniently, leave the table contents out of the picture.

The photographs have played well with members of the Save Anchorage group who have expressed a sudden interest in enforcement of the mask mandate!

Alaskans for Children’s Right to Breathe group post October 25, 2021

A post shared to Save Anchorage from the Jamie Allard-backed anti-mask group, Alaskans for Children’s Right to Breathe, asked their neighbors to contact Mayor Bronson and encourage him to “follow the law” by issuing a citation to Zaletel for her (I can’t type this with a straight face) “egregious criminal violation of the mask mandate on October 23.”

Zaletel, when reached for comment about the photographs, said that she was having a beer with a friend and noted that she was masked any time she was not seated while drinking. Zaletel also confirmed that the photographs were taken on the same day — one showing her with a coat over her sweater and the other without the coat.

The Emergency Order requiring masks be worn in public spaces permits individuals to remove their face coverings to eat, drink, or briefly scratch an itch.

I’m not certain if the startling revelation that one must remove their face covering to enjoy a beverage over the weekend moves the needle very much in the special recall election, but who knows? Don’t you just love Anchorage politics?

This post has been updated with additional information.