Unbuilt ‘Bronsonville’ Now Enormous Money Sucking Black Hole

Unbuilt ‘Bronsonville’ Now Enormous Money Sucking Black Hole

According to former Anchorage Municipal Attorney Bill Falsey, who knows a little about math, mayor Dave Bronson’s proposed mass shelter appears to be nearly ten million dollars more than originally thought.

In a series of tweets, Falsey wrote that according to Dr. Morris’s letter of July 11, 2021, fixtures, furnishings, and equipment (FFE) are not included in the Phase 1 costs of ‘Bronsonville.’

Citing Morris’s letter, which was sent to the Anchorage Assembly as well as Mayor Bronson, Chief of Staff Craig Campbell, and Amy Demboski, Falsey highlights that Phase 2 plans for the mass shelter represent the installation of interior equipment and partitions as well as exterior modular units and flooring totaling an additional $7,257,255 for (FFE).

Falsey wondered on Twitter whether the initial Phase 1 $15 million price tag was just for a heated empty structure. If you ask me, I’m surprised the Bronson administration thought of heat at all.

For those keeping track, Bronson’s proposed mass shelter is now $15 million for the structure and its construction, another 7.2 million for Phase 2 FFE, and an estimated annual operating cost of $12 million a year.

The Anchorage Assembly meets tomorrow at 5 p.m. You can find a link to the agenda & packet for tomorrow’s meeting here.

You’ll note that the appropriation request for the mass shelter is on the consent agenda. Given the tens of millions of dollars being requested by Bronson for his proposed project, I think it’s likely public testimony on the appropriation will be slated for July 27, 2021.