Two Alaskans listed in Insurrection Index

Public Wise, along with its partner organizations, has built an online database of individuals and organizations involved in the deadly riots and insurrection at our nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021 called the ‘Insurrection Index.’

The index aims to identify everyone who backed Trump in his effort to hold onto power despite losing the election, in the hopes of holding them accountable and preventing future harm to the country’s democratic foundation.

Alaskan Representative David Eastman, R-Wasilla; and Wasilla resident Aaron J. Mileuer — a now former member of the Save Anchorage Facebook operation, appear listed in the database.

Insurrection Index Website

According to reporting by The Guardian, the online database was set up with legal advice from Marc Elias, one of the most influential election lawyers in the United States. Elisa was Hillary Clinton’s top counsel during the 2016 presidential campaign and successfully led Joe Biden’s resistance to Trump’s blitzkrieg of lawsuits contesting the 2020 results.

Elias told the Guardian that the index was urgently needed to avoid history repeating itself in 2024 or beyond.

“We are one, maybe two elections away from a constitutional crisis over election subversion,” he said. “If we don’t recognize who was behind the attempt to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, then next time we will be less prepared and it may succeed,” Elias said.

The Insurrection Index is definitely an interesting and potentially useful project even though the Alaska page of the database may be missing a few names.

In any event, you can peruse the Insurrection Index here.

An interesting thing to note is that Save Anchorage is listed in the index as a non-profit organization which, if true, would be news to me.