This Week In Sanity: May 21, 2021

This Week In Sanity: May 21, 2021

This website and technology transition has been a time-consuming black hole that has sapped my soul of anything funny or slightly amusing. Thanks for the emails of support, The Blue Alaskan is fine, if not moderately exhausted…and annoyed.

After dealing with perhaps the most wretched of circumstances, Anchorage School District teachers and staff are finally on summer break, far away from the clutches of school Superintendant Dr. Deena Bishop who essentially covered her ears amid the Covid-19 pandemic last year. As you may recall, Bishop was hellbent on returning everyone to the classroom even in the midst of an alarming and increasing number of Covid-19 cases last fall and winter.

After the school board elections in April, in which progressive candidates swept each seat, Dr. Deena has been more animated and engaged at school board functions! It’s a miracle! Perhaps there’s hope for the good doctor after all. I hope the school district staff has a great summer — they’ve all earned it.

State Sen. Lora Reinbold is deeply concerned someone will ask if you’ve had an abortion before you attend a jazz concert in Juneau. The Alaska Airlines cake-maker is taking issue with an event flyer which she says demands you “MUST show proof of vaccination to attend,” opining that organizers events will soon be asking your sexual preference or whether you’ve had an abortion or a flu shot. (It’s nice to see her distinguish between the Covid-19 vaccine and the flu shot).

Anyway, Reinbold says this all violates HIPAA, and the rest of her post eventually devolves into a hot mess of calling the Covid-19 vaccine “experimental” and refers to “natural immunity.” A Reinbold supporter thinks she should run for Mayor of Eagle River/Chugiak. Wild.

Paul and Marilyn Hueper, the two Homer residents who say the FBI mistook them for someone else, have launched a new website called ‘We The People Stand.’ The website endeavors to tell their “FBI story” and states, “We are still very much in the midst of the situation with the FBI and will be posting as we get solid understanding and direction… to empower all of us!”

The Hueper’s website also has a section titled “Our DC Story,” which appears to give a detailed account of their time spent at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. According to the Hueper’s website, as they finally arrived on the Capital lawn at 3:30 pm, they note the situation there was a “carnival atmosphere.”

Interestingly, the Hueper’s website notes they saw no indication ANTIFA was present, writing:

“I was initially a little anxious about going because of violence against Patriots by Antifa during previous Trump rallies, but we felt and saw none of that this day.  Only fun loving, freedom loving People by the hundreds of thousands.”

The attack on Capitol Hill, which injured 140 and snuffed out the lives of five others, is referred to as a “circus” on the Hueper’s website which also says that, “Those who led the way into the Capitol building, photographed and posted and ‘liked’ by media, were fake distractions and not the Truth of what was happening.”

If you want to know what really happened on the dark day of January 6, 2021, I highly recommend watching “American Insurrection,” a documentary by Frontline, ProPublica, and UC Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program. “American Insurrection” is a 90-minute documentary that probes the far-right groups and leaders responsible for the recent threats and violence.

Speaking of Capitol Hill, do you want to know what the atmosphere was like in the Save Anchorage Facebook group the week of the attack? Stay tuned.

Last, it looks like David Bronson, who has the absolute best campaign treasurer in Alaska, will become Anchorage’s next MAGA mayor, soon likely locking up the homeless for having a hangnail or jaywalking.

What can even be said at this point? Maybe the Dunbar campaign should have created an online social media group last July, filled it with Facebook accounts, endorsed Dunbar a few weeks after launching the Facebook group, and dumped a never-ending stream of blog posts into it while spreading heaps of misinformation into it while money from Kentuckians poured in. They could have even hired an outside political consulting firm too! Oh well, you live, and you learn.

Anyway, there will be more information about Bronson’s APOC woes coming down the pike. Stay tuned; it’s likely going to be wild, and remember, as Bronson ascends to the throne, Anchorage Assembly meetings just became a lot more important.