It’s only July and the Alaska QOP has come out swinging. Before we dive in, a friendly reminder to quit sending me emails offering to slit my throat for me. Thanks.

This week’s leadoff was a tough choice, but I’m going with Jamie Allard and her transphobic bullshit.

On the Dan Fagan show this past Friday in an interview sure to resonate with the people who think Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election and/or believe he’s going to be reinstated as president in August, Eagle River Assembly Person and part-time Flip-Flopper Jamie Allard took a deranged swipe at our Transgender friends.

Allard’s interview with Fagan, which was largely about keeping Anchorage’s homeless population on the run as a way to herd them like cattle into Mayor David Bronson’s big, beautiful, shiny mass incarceration facility for a subset of Anchorage’s residents Bronson refers to as “vagrants,” took a deranged turn for the worse when Allard launched into a transphobic tirade labeling the entire transgender community as “mentally ill.” Allard said that chopping off your body parts will never change one’s DNA.

The comments made by Anchorage’s defender of Nazi-themed license plates and the Save Anchorage member should come as no surprise to those familiar with the ultra-conservative, who often seems to have a difficult time with transparency and honesty.

One of Allard’s constituents, which is just itching to recall the Eagle River representative questioned Allard’s own mental health in response to her transphobic statement and other past unhinged outbursts.

“Ms. Allard is supposed to act as an elected representative for all citizens regardless of their gender identification. I doubt anyone cares what her assessment is of the mental health of transgender (individuals), but I know many people who have expressed concern about Ms. Allard’s mental health when she acts antagonistically to health experts and her fellow assembly representatives, even screaming at Rivera, she would see him in court.”

You can listen to the audio and read more about Allard’s off the rails with Fagan below, and remember—you’re only an Allard constituent if you voted for her!

Allard also took a swipe at Alaska State Rep. Kelly Merrick in her wild interview with Fagan, calling Merrick “dangerous” a “flat out liar,” and a “liberal in disguise.”

I’m just going to leave this here.

Speaking of the Alaska QOP, according to a source on an Alaska Airlines flight yesterday from Anchorage to Fairbanks — Alaska Senate hopeful and sometimes tongues speaker, Kelly Tshibaka, cracked a distasteful joke about President Joe Biden.

The source says that Tshibaka, wearing a paper mask on her chin, while boarding the plane for the flight—saw someone she knew in first-class and said, “If Uncle Joe knew we were all here, this plane would be targeted!” likely implying the President of the United States would shoot the plane down.

Tshibaka has officially been endorsed by the Alaska QOP for the U.S. Senate race giving its support to the conspiracy theory candidate who encouraged former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has endorsed Murkowski in the race, a moderate senator representing us since 2002. I keep asking sources if the Democrats will run a senate candidate — so far, mum’s the word.

Former Rep. Les Gara announced this week that he would form an exploratory committee to consider replacing Mike Dunleavy as Governor. Les is a great guy, and I think it’s a given he will run. There’s been some talk that Democrats would like to see Alaska State Senator Bill Wielechowski make a play for Dunleavy’s job. I think if Bill thought he could win, he would almost certainly run, but given the political climate in the state right now, it’s likely he sees running as a lost cause.

Narrow Roads Productions has faced some blowback after the Soldotna-based company took the deposit for a same-sex wedding and then declined to actually cover the wedding, citing a “struggle with a personal conviction” in an email sent to the couple. The email states that after ‘prayer and seeking counsel’ and believing that marriage is a sacred act ordained by God between a man and a woman, the business was declining to contract with the couple for their special day.

The Facebook page for Narrow Roads Productions, which once held a 5-star rating, is now rated 0. One person wrote on their Facebook page that her born out of wedlock children were photographed by Narrow Roads and they didn’t have a problem with it.

They aren’t in Soldotna, but According to Ace Forty-Nine Photography, they are LGBT allies, and the business owner is a member of the LGBT community. It looks like they take beautiful photos.

Last, the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) issued a third stipulation to waive deadlines in the drawn-out, not so expeditious saga of Forrest Dunbar for Mayor vs. Bronson for Mayor.

In April, Dunbar’s campaign filed a complaint with APOC that raised allegations of sloppy and inaccurate accounting, deliberate obfuscation of campaign activity, and potentially tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions. 

Dunbar’s campaign also said in an April press release that Bronson might have “accidentally incriminated his campaign as having received tens of thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions through the backdoor network that connects the Recall Rivera campaign and the dark-money Save Anchorage, group.”

We will see if a fourth waiver is granted at the end of the month. I sure do hope all the involved parties are cooperating nicely with APOC! I wonder APOC has subpoena power? ?