“This is serious. ‘Trump Lite’ is Running for Mayor of Anchorage”

Oh boy.

The Dunbar for Mayor campaign may have just signaled to supporters who they believe is Dunbar’s most worrisome challenger — Republican candidate for mayor Mike Robbins.

In an emailed Dunbar for Mayor endorsement update sent out to supporters this afternoon, the Dunbar campaign quoted from an Anchorage Press article published this week which said:

“Robbins is a great fan, admirer and supporter of Trump. He even attended Trump’s inauguration in January 2017. Not only is Robbins a ‘Trump guy,’ a case could be made that his life and the twice-impeached President’s are eerily similar.”

The Dunbar campaign reiterated that Forrest Dunbar has dedicated his life to preserving and expanding policies that reflect science, public health, and progressive values and that he is running a competitive race against the Robbins campaign.

The Dunbar campaign says “the most important fundraising deadline of the race is on Monday. We urgently need your support to keep Anchorage moving forward.”