Here we go again.

Stephanie Taylor has registered with the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) to run for an East Anchorage Assembly seat in next year’s Municipal election—and her APOC filing has me wondering how many APOC complaints we’ll see filed against the campaign.

The campaign address listed in Taylor’s filing is an address located at the Anchorage UPS Store where you can rent a mailbox, and the phone number listed for the Chair / Treasurer is located in Washington, DC, which is a familiar number that has been used on previous APOC registrations for:

Justin Matheson (North West Director of Axiom Strategies)

George Husted (Axiom Strategies / HenryAlan LLC)

Robert Phillips III (Axiom Strategies / HenryAlan, LLC).

The DC-based number is listed to HenryAlan, LLC, of which Robert Phillips III is President.

HenryAlan, LLC
75 S. High Street, Suite 4
Dublin, Ohio 43017

The Deputy Treasurer listed on the Candidate Registration, Haley Wadsworth, is also with HenryAlan and formerly worked at Axiom Strategies. I would be surprised to learn that Wadsworth was located in Anchorage.

Robert Phillips III, who was the listed Deputy Treasurer of Recall Rivera, has already filed for an Ohio business license for “Stephanie AK” as of July 12, 2021.

Then there’s this email address listed on a July 29, 2021 press release for Taylor, which identifies Justin Matheson of Axiom Strategies as a contact.

And now you know. Progressives better wake up, or you’re going to be very unhappy with the results of next year’s election.