The Joys of Converting to a New Platform

Transitioning from one platform to another offered no way to import the old website into the new one, as they were not compatible — leaving me to manually copy and paste every title and post.

Each post had to be backdated, images downloaded and re-uploaded individually, then placed in the post. Videos had to be re-linked, files renamed, and new forms created along with the configuration of a great and many wondrous things I’ll be detailing next week. There are still roughly 40 more posts to copy to the new website which should be completed by evening.

Basically, TBA is in transition and with the election less than a week away I see this as the perfect time to work on that transition. I doubt there are many undecided voters out there…ads have been running 24-7 on television and the dice have been cast.

If you haven’t seen the press release about the Bronson campaign punting off the APOC complaint response, be sure and check it out — it sure does seem like they’re running out the clock. I’ll see you back on social media soon. Thanks for your emails and patience.