Some Save Anchorage Members Liken Health Data Sharing to Auschwitz Tattoos

Covid-19 transmission in Juneau is tapering down, but the city is still seeing transmission occur among those who have not been vaccinated against the virus, which has killed over 603,000 Americans.

To keep track of and contain the virus’s possible spread, the borough reportedly encourages unvaccinated individuals who regularly interact with tourists to participate in weekly Covid-19 testing, which Bartlett Hospital is conducting.

Getting a Covid-19 test gives the hospital permission to share health information (likely Covid-19 test results) with the State of Alaska, the Juneau Borough, and “any government agency involved with the prevention of disease spread.”

The absolute horror of it all.

The desire to file a lawsuit that might bring about an end to keeping Alaskans safe from the negative consequences of a global pandemic — seems like a bad hot-take, but not as bad as what came after the blog post made its way into the group — posted by an individual seeking donations for a potential lawsuit to end what was referred to as “discrimination.”

Some Save Anchorage members appear to have likened Covid-19 test tracking and the sharing of testing results to the holocaust — because reasons.

In a year of living with the Coronavirus pandemic, group members have seemingly learned nothing of HIPAA. Still, they have been quick to suggest that the “Left” ultimately seeks to have Americans tattooed with the sinister branding given to Holocaust survivors.

According to the Jewish Virtual Library, the numbered tattoos that have become an identifying mark of Holocaust survivors originated in Auschwitz, the largest Nazi concentration camp in Europe.

Beginning in 1941, this registration consisted of a tattoo, which was placed on the left breast of the prisoner; later, the tattoo location was moved to the inner forearm. It was not only Jews who were marked: all prisoners other than ethnic Germans and police prisoners were tattooed. These tattoos were how the Nazis dehumanized their prisoners.

Keep it classy Save Anchorage.