Sign of Desperation: Save Anchorage Resorts to Photoshop

The “Far-Right” Save Anchorage group, notorious for misinformation and the promotion of conspiracy theories, has, it appears, sunk to a new low which one wouldn’t think was possible.

Members of the Facebook group have resorted to Photoshopping Assemblyman and Anchorage Mayoral Candidate Forrest Dunbar’s likeness, which some may argue is nothing new given the group’s members’ lack of decorum and civility.

The “fun” began in Save Anchorage when one Anchorage resident, a local Product Manager, posted a picture of Mr. Dunbar holding a blank orange sign asking, “What’s Forrest Really thinking? And what’s in his pants?”

It wasn’t immediately unclear what the concern was with Mr. Dunbar’s pants or why some group members were paying close attention to his pants. Before long, edits to the picture depicting Mr. Dunbar began appearing in the Save Anchorage group.

The Facebook page Reclaim Midtown, which Suzanne Downing of Must Read Alaska said recently in an audio interview belongs to a local area doctor, updated the group’s cover photo to reflect Mr. Dunbar holding a sign with Save Anchorage verbiage — verbiage which is now known to have been directly referred to in federal documents related to the arrest of alleged Capitol Hill insurrectionist Aaron Mileur. 

Nazi sympathizer and Eagle River Assemblyperson Jamie Allard apparently did not want to be left out of the hilarious and amazing fun being had by others, and posted a picture of Mr. Dunbar holding a sign that read, “Vote Dave Bronson,” to her Facebook account.

Another sign falsely depicted Mr. Dunbar showing support for the Recall Rivera effort, which has enlisted the help of an outside political consulting firm.

When reached for comment via email, Forrest Dunbar for Mayor campaign responded:

“Considering that the original message of the sign was “Stop Voter Suppression” at a rally organized and led by people of color, the behavior of Bronson’s supporters is right in line with that of their national allies in Florida and Ohio.”

Dunbar For Mayor Campaign

The Dunbar campaign has seen an uptick in hate as election day draws near with five campaign signs recently vandalized. According to a tweet by Mr. Dunbar, the campaign received donations after word of the vandalism spread.