Save Anchorage encourages members to rise against ‘woke doctor tyranny’ squad ahead of state medical board meeting

According to the Alaska COVID-19 data dashboard, 60% of Alaskans have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine lending credence to the notion that anti-vaxxers are now solidly the vocal minority, the problem being they just don’t know it yet.

Save Anchorage, the not-so-grassroots Facebook group whose members donned antisemitic Stars of David and who have waged coordinated disinformation campaigns related to vaccines, COVID, homelessness and mask wearing, is now seeking to save Alaska doctors whose names are on a proverbial medical misinformation naughty list of healthcare professionals who attended last month’s “Alaska Early Treatment Medical Summit” held at ChangePoint Alaska church.

Members of Save Anchorage have repeatedly referenced family medical practitioner Dr. Ilona Farr, who claims she is but one of 24 doctors in Alaska who have prescribed ivermectin for COVID-19 patients as someone who needs saving by the group. Yesterday, a member of the group wrote that members should register for a medical board meeting scheduled to be held this Friday in “opposition to the “woke 100 doctor medical tyranny squad trying to suppress early covid treatment,” and encouraged individuals to testify in support of Dr. Farr.

Save Anchorage Facebook post

Dr. Farr is the sister of Alaska State Senator Lora Reinbold, who, let’s face it, has shared a breathtaking amount of COVID misinformation on both her personal and official Facebook accounts. If you don’t believe me, you can read Alaska Governor Dunleavy’s opinion of Reinbold.

Save Anchorage’s attempt to mobilize a defense for Dr. Farr may have been borne out of a misguided belief that a doctor who believes in the unproven junk science of “early covid treatment” bolsters claims made by members of the group that drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are an effective “early treatment” for those infected by COVID-19.

The “Alaska Covid Alliance” website, which claims Alaska hero doctors are under attack for their promotion of “early covid treatment,” hosts videos of Dr. Farr who says in one such video that even though she’s not an expert — she has used a specific “early treatment” protocol that includes hydroxychloroquine and anti-parasitic drug ivermectin.

Alaska Early Treatment Medical Summit Video: Alaska Covid Alliance

Neither hydroxychloroquine nor ivermectin have been approved by the FDA for the prevention or treatment of coronavirus. In July, an Egyptian study of ivermectin for COVID-19 patients was retracted over concerns of plagiarism and serious problems with raw data. Earlier this month, another ivermectin COVID-19 study was retracted after the authors of the study determined their data was “garbled.”

Roughly 150 physicians in Alaska have signed onto a letter that urges the state medical board to investigate doctors who have promoted COVID misinformation and unproven treatments. The letter identifies both the October “Alaska Early Treatment Medical Summit” attended by Anchorage Mayor David Bronson and the “Alaska Covid Alliance.”

“Parts of the conference that were “live streamed”, as well as some of the information reprinted in the media, misrepresented the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines and the recommended courses of treatment. Some local physicians were involved presenting this event (which has been documented in the local media). This is of grave concern,” the letter to the medical board states.

Physicians who have signed onto the letter are asking Alaska’s medical board to investigate what they call the spread of misinformation that has been identified as a threat to public health by the US Surgeon General, the Alaska Chief Medical Officer, and three medical specialty boards.

Other states are also investigating physicians alleged to have spread covid-related misinformation.

According to the Washington Post, an ear nose and throat doctor in Texas had their privileges at a Houston hospital suspended after criticizing vaccine mandates and promoting ivermectin. Last month, the Washington state medical commission suspended a physician assistant’s license for promoting and prescribing ivermectin as a cure for COVID-19. In Oregon, a doctor lost his license for disregarding COVID-19 mandates, spreading misinformation about masks, and for overprescribing opioids. In Connecticut, a doctor had her license suspended for giving out fake vaccine and mask exemption forms. Earlier this year, a California doctor surrendered their license after claiming COVID-19 was caused by 5G.

The Alaska State Medical Board quarterly meeting will be held this Friday November 19 at 8:30am. The agenda for the meeting can be found here and interested individuals who wish to view the meeting can register via Zoom.