North Pole Alaska resident Santa Claus (yes, that’s his real name), announced today his candidacy for the Special Election to complete Alaska Congressman Don Young’s current term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Claus identifies as an independent, progressive, democratic socialist, and says that he shares many of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’s positions. He is a two-term Councilman and current Mayor “Pro Tem” of the City of North Pole, Alaska.

A long-time advocate for child health, safety, and welfare, Claus says he believes all members of Congress must find common ground, work together to represent their diverse constituencies, and move our nation forward in a productive manner that ensures happiness, peace, good health, and prosperity for everyone living in the United States.

Claus was an advocate for medical marijuana when North Pole voters approved Proposition 7 which banned the sale of marijuana within the city limits in 2016 and has advocated for Medicare for All.

Before legally changing his name to Claus, Santa served as Special Assistant to the Deputy Police Commissioner of New York City, was a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Defense Executive Reserve, Director of the Terrorism Research and Communication Center, and Chief Safety and Security Officer of the U.S. Virgin Islands Port Authority.

He earned his bachelors and masters degrees at New York University, where he completed his doctoral coursework in educational communication and technology and graduated from two seminaries.

You can learn more about Santa’s campaign on his website, Twitter account and YouTube channel.

Just imagine how much money a Congressman could save when one can just zip over to Washington, D.C. on reindeer instead of flying coach on Alaska Airlines! This special election is going to be wild.