Right-wing Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSB) Board member April Smith says she’s “crying” for students of the Anchorage School District (ASD). The tears flowing down Smith’s conservative cheeks were brought about by the prospect of ASD hiring a non-patriot to replace Dunleavy sycophant Dr. Deena Bishop, who is retiring from the school district this year.

Smith’s comments were made on the Alaska Parents’ Rights in Education (APRE) Facebook group, a far-right, astroturfed, anti-LGBTQ organization spearheaded by Suzanne Gallagher, the former chairwoman of the Oregon Republican Party, who resigned from her role ahead of a recall vote aimed at removing her from leadership.

A link shared to APRE this morning appeared to suggest that Dr. Mathew Neal, one of the finalists under consideration to replace Dr. Bishop, was a “real patriot” and someone who could bring the community together.

The thumbnail seen in the YouTube video shared to APRE was likely a stock picture or photograph of a veteran used by Woodland Park School District, where Neal is currently employed. Dr. Neal does not list any military experience in the resume he submitted to ASD as part of the district’s search for a new superintendent, but does appear in the video delivering remarks at the veterans event.

Comments made in response to the YouTube link show FNSB School District Board member April Smith encouraging members of APRE to flood the ASD school board by repeatedly emailing to “advocate” for their choice of a new superintendent.

A Save Anchorage member suggested that if ASD School Board President Margo Bellamy had anything to do with the superintendent selection process, Anchorage residents would be “in trouble.”

In response, Board Member Smith wrote, “I am crying for the children already,” her compassion ringing hollow as she fights to close schools, remove librarians and fire nurses as a board member up north.

While students in her school district are falling through the cracks academically, Smith chooses to spend her time gossiping on social media about Anchorage happenings that, to be frank, have (thankfully) nothing to do with her.

By the way, if you’re looking for something to cry over, check out this clip of Dr. Neal’s February appearance on Fox & Friends First where he spoke about his school district’s decision to let students opt out of “woke lessons.”