Right-wing “We shall give them hell” emergency protest flyer sparks concern among some

A group of individuals concerned about a flyer posted to an event page on Facebook described as an “emergency protest” are planning to assemble at the Assembly Chambers ahead of today’s 5 p.m. Special Meeting.

The “emergency protest” flyer states the Anchorage Assembly disrespected the people and passed a mask mandate “in the dark of night.”

The language is eerily similar to a statement made by Anchorage Mayor David Bronson in a press release yesterday:

“The Assembly’s decision to pass an ordinance in the dark of night is a unilateral declaration that they know what’s best for the city of Anchorage, that they know what’s right, and that the people will comply.”

The flyer calls the Anchorage Assembly’s actions “ludicrousy” and alleges that members of the Assembly “don’t respect us” and calls on individuals to show the Assembly “no respect.”

“On Thursday, we shall give them hell for what they have done,” the flyer states, perhaps rather dramatically.

The flyer was seen posted to a Facebook account titled “Alaska Liberty,” whose cover photo depicts a “freedom rally” scheduled to take place on October 16 in Midtown. The event page for the “emergency protest” did not share the graphic, however the language listed in the event’s description is identical and the flyer is said to be circulating on social media.

“Alaska Liberty” also “likes” other pages on Facebook, one of which is Alaskans Against Mandates, which has a combined social media presence of over 3,000 individuals.

Alaskan Liberty Facebook account likes, October 14, 2021

Both the flyer and the event page for the “emergency protest” were found to be concerning by some Anchorage residents, who also noted that at a recently held meeting of the Anchorage Assembly, the Bronson administration had ordered security to leave the Assembly Chambers even though some Anchorage Police Officers remained.

Concerned about the past conduct of pro-Bronson supporters, which has been witnessed by the public and documented by the media, a peaceful counter rally is being organized. Event organizers are asking members of the public to come out and support the Assembly as they consider an override of Mayor Bronson’s veto of the emergency order.

Today’s special meeting begins at 5:00 p.m.