Racist Trope Seen in East Anchorage

“No White Guilt” reads the concerning words captured by an Anchorage resident in a photograph this morning seen in East Anchorage.

The author of the picture posted the photograph she called a “racist trope” to social media and asked Anchorage Assemblymembers Forrest Dunbar, Christopher Constant, and Acting Anchorage Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson how the words could be “documented and painted over.”

The phrase “no white guilt” may refer to white men making movements like Black Lives Matter about them, according to a University of Pennsylvania assistant professor of history.

A disturbing phrase seen between 40th Avenue and Lake Otis. Photo: Lauria Dianita

Assemblyman Christopher Constant responded to the social media thread, saying he would have the language seen between 40th Avenue and Lake Otis taken care of — “hopefully,” today.

According to the Anchorage Police Department, stickers showing swastikas and the words “We are everywhere” were posted at an Anchorage gay bar and Jewish museum last month. They also released a statement about the stickers noting they had paired with the FBI and were conducting an ongoing investigation.