Pro-Covid unvaccinated Bronson “greatly pleased” U.S. Supreme Court blocked vaccine mandate

Today, Anchorage’s far-right, unvaccinated Save Anchorage backed mayor celebrated a Conservative U.S. Supreme Court ruling that blocked President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses.

Bronson took to social media this afternoon writing that he was “greatly pleased” with the ruling, which will almost certainly allow for further spread of the omicron variant throughout American businesses already plagued by staffing shortages.

Unsurprisingly, Mayor Bronson made no mention of today’s Supreme Court simultaneous ruling that allowed a vaccine mandate to stand for medical facilities that take Medicare or Medicaid payments.

In a statement, President Biden said the vaccine requirement for health care workers will save the lives of patients, doctors and nurses. “We will enforce it,” Biden said of the mandate, which will cover healthcare workers at 76,000 medical facilities.

Bronson has mostly chosen to ignore the coronavirus pandemic — even as a candidate for Anchorage Mayor, when in violation of citywide covid mandates, he held unmasked campaign events which may have contributed to the spread of coronavirus and endangered public health and safety.

Bronson telegraphed during the mayoral campaign that he would be a mostly useless elected official, saying in 2021 that the pandemic was ‘over last summer’ and that he would not necessarily follow advice given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Anchorage, as Covid once again spreads like wildfire under the Bronson and Dunleavy administrations, Alaska Native Medical Center is considering implementing crisis standards of care and today, Providence Alaska Medical Center scaled back its visitation policy to its most restrictive level.

Bronson has described himself as someone who leans Libertarian and who opposes government mask and vaccine mandates. His political ideology is almost certainly reflected in covid-related data for the city he says Municipal Manager Amy Demboski is tasked with running.

According to data taken from the state’s Covid Datahub, since becoming mayor last July, 238 Anchorage residents have succumbed to the virus under Bronson’s administration. By comparison, 132 Anchorage residents lost their lives due to covid under the previous administration of Austin Quinn-Davidson in the timespan November 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.

Alaska COVID-19 Cases Dashboard, January 13, 2022

Bronson, however, remains unmoved as Covid cases increase across the city, as city residents are plagued with long wait times at formerly first-rate Covid testing sites, and as hospitals brace for an additional wave of unvaccinated ivermectin guzzling covid patients to begin frequenting their emergency departments – destined to become a burden on our health care workers and fragile health care system.

Bronson, in lockstep with his supporters from the Astroturfed Save Anchorage Operation, has been laying waste to Anchorage with Covid disinformation campaigns since July 2020 making it imperative that progressives and moderates ensure that every Save Anchorage-backed candidate running for an Assembly seat is soundly defeated in April.