Pro-Bronson “Save Anchorage” group seeks to delay public testimony while enjoying pizza

In a comment made yesterday to the right-wing “Save Anchorage” group, Anchorage resident Andria Dolan more than suggested that if people continued to testify at meetings of the Anchorage Assembly this week, it would be time wasted and an opportunity to “delay” public testimony. Dolan wrote that everyone in “Save Anchorage” needs to testify today at the Anchorage Assembly and continue to “show up” for as many days as possible.

“If we can draw it out until after the recall vote, that’s a good step in the right direction and we can make sure that we still have access to the vote counting so nothing funny can happen,” Dolan wrote in her comment and asked “Save Anchorage” members to contact her for logistics on how to pull the delay tactics off.

Andria Dolan, Save Anchorage
Pro-Bronson “Save Anchorage” Facebook group, October 6, 2021

At the end of July, Dolan announced she had filed her candidacy to run for assembly in District 5. On August 3, Dolan wrote on Facebook that she โ€œhad a beautiful walkโ€ with Stephanie Flynn Taylor and threw her support behind Taylor’s candidacy for assembly โ€” dropping out of the assembly race.

After her walk-and-talk with Taylor, Dolan appeared on the August 24, 2021 assembly agenda having been nominated to the Anchorage Women’s Commission by Mayor Bronson, but the Bronson administration pulled all Board and Commission appointments, saying they were rethinking their strategy.

Save Anchorage Pizza Party

Elsewhere in “Save Anchorage,” a pizza party is allegedly being organized by members of the group, and will be held in the assembly chamber lobby this evening at 6 p.m., where the stated goal is to have over 100 children packed into the area to represent “freedom and the future” of Anchorage. According to the post made to “Save Anchorage,” 30 Costco pizzas have been ordered.

The pizza party post first appeared on Twitter.

A social media post made yesterday to Reddit alleged that at least one man who attended last week’s assembly meetings and who is said to be anti-mask and vaccine, tested positive for COVID-19 this past Saturday. The post was shared across social media where many Anchorage residents stated that they were getting tested for the virus in response to the allegation made on Reddit.

Anchorage resident Roger Branson, who attended the recently held assembly meetings, wrote on social media today that he had just tested positive for COVID-19 and believes he contracted the virus from within the assembly chambers.

The admitted effort to delay public testimony isn’t surprising. Assembly member Jamie Allard has come under fire from those who say she is intentionally filibustering a series of assembly meetings where public testimony is being taken on a proposed ordinance that would mandate masks be worn in public spaces. Allard has been accused of asking irrelevant questions of those who have provided public testimony and seems intent on continuing the Republican tradition of wasting government time and resources while refusing to protect public health and safety.

Likewise, Anchorage Mayor David Bronson has repeatedly called for points of information multiple times in what appears to be an attempt by the mayor to slow down proceedings.

A concerned Anchorage resident launched an online petition yesterday seeking signatures in support of the proposed mask ordinance. The petition received over 1,500 signatures in roughly 24 hours.

Public testimony on the proposed ordinance will resume at 5 p.m. this afternoon.

If you have attended any recent meetings of the Anchorage Assembly, consider getting a free COVID test.

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