Petition to recall crocheted mask crusader approved

The recall petition submitted by Chelsea Foster of the Recall Jamie Allard group seeking to recall Assembly Member Allard has been determined to meet the requirements of the Application For Recall Petition. The Municipal Clerk’s Office relied on the Municipal Attorney’s opinion that the recall proposed in the application satisfied the legal standards required for recall.

“The allegations of this recall application are legally sufficient. The Clerk should certify Recall Application 2021-04 and prepare a petition,” wrote Anchorage Municipal Attorney Patrick Bergt in his Memorandum.

Now the challenging part begins for the Recall Jamie Allard group. In order for the recall to be placed on the ballot in front of Assembly District 2 voters, the group must obtain at least 2,530 signatures of voters who reside in District 2. The required number of signatures represents 25% of the votes cast in the April 7, 2020 election for Assembly Seat C and must be collected by January 17, 2022 according to the Clerk’s Office.

Allard is considered by many to be the most divisive and volatile Anchorage Assembly Member in recent memory. She was removed from her position on the Alaska Human Rights Commission by Governor Mike Dunleavy earlier this year after she defended Nazi terminology seen on two Alaska vanity license plates. Allard’s self-made license plate scandal made international headlines.

Allard is also a member and cheerleader of the far-right group “Save Anchorage.” Group members have been known to espouse antisemitic, homophobic and transphobic sentiments, and have spread baseless election fraud and COVID-related conspiracy theories.

On the Dan Fagan show this past July, Allard said she truly believed that transgender individuals were “mentally ill.”

Last year, Allard responded to an email from Paul Berger, a “Save Anchorage” moderator at the time. The email, sent to the Municipal email account of Allard, appears to have contained tips intended for the Bronson campaign. In her response, which she copied to her personal iCloud email account, Allard thanked Berger for his email and asked that anything related to campaigns or anything not directly relevant to Community Council or Assembly issues be sent to her personal email account.

This could be an ethics violation,” Allard responded.

An email obtained via record request by the Recall Jamie Allard group earlier this year revealed that Allard appears to have had direct knowledge that an Anchorage resident “snuck in” to the Assembly Chambers when Acting Anchorage Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson’s Emergency Order was in effect in January, and did nothing about it.

When reached for comment about how the group felt after months of pursuing the recall, Chelsea Foster responded:

“Jamie Allard is the exact reason recall language was put into the Charter. Unlike the last two failed recalls, the recall for this District 2 member is a fundamental democratic exercise, NOT an opportunity for well-funded special interests to undo an election.“

The Recall Jamie Allard group is accepting donations to help with their efforts. Interested individuals can donate here.