It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Anchorage Action co-founder Andrew Gray has launched a petition in an attempt to pressure the Bronson administration into removing Judy Eledge from her role as the Anchorage Public Library’s deputy director.

The petition states that Eledge has improperly confiscated and censored library materials without following the proper protocols by not checking material out on her library card, has mistreated some library employees and is committed only to furthering an extreme partisan agenda.

Eledge, Mayor Bronson’s one-time unqualified pick to run the Anchorage Public Library (APL), resigned from her role as director last November to avoid Assembly confirmation. She now works as APL’s deputy director where some employees say she has created a toxic work environment and has run off two longtime qualified and dedicated library staff members.

Eledge has an established and troubling history of publishing social media posts that linked gay and transgender individuals to pedophilia and criticized Muslims, Alaska Natives, and people of color.

Book Riot, the largest independent editorial book site in North America, is seeking emails and other public records from the Anchorage Public Library and the Municipality of Anchorage over the Bronson administration’s assault on LGBTQ books first detailed by The Blue Alaskan.

Linda Klein, a professional librarian formerly with the Anchorage Public Library, began a GoFundMe in an effort to help cover the costs associated with the records request. The fundraiser has exceeded its original goal of $1000, and has now raised $1915.

A note posted to GoFundMe yesterday by Klein states that with the additional funds raised, she will expand her records request to include language about those experiencing homelessness, Native Alaskans, and librarians in addition to seeking language about liberal left-wing agendas.

“With your help, we can blow the lid off the rampant corruption, racism and homophobia that is ruining Anchorage Public Library,” Klein wrote.

It’s not clear if the Bronson administration will be swayed by calls for Eledge’s removal, as the Mayor most certainly knew of her extreme views and social media posts that generated controversy last year when she ran for a seat on the Anchorage School Board.

For the past several months, the Bronson administration has claimed it has been conducting a “world-wide search” for a new library director since Eledge resigned from her role. Anchorage Municipal Manager Amy Demboski, equally unqualified to serve as the library’s director, took control of the library in January.

Gray said he’s hoping to gather at least 1000 signatures before passing the petition on to the Bronson administration.