A petition seeking the removal of Anchorage Public Library (APL) deputy director Judy Eledge from her leadership position at the library surpassed its goal of 1,000 signatures this morning.

The petition was started by Anchorage Action co-founder Andrew Gray in response to alarming reports detailing the Bronson administration’s efforts to install unqualified political cronies of Anchorage Mayor David Bronson in the library with the goal of controlling the community’s free access to information and to promote a repressive, right-wing agenda.

Gray says the petition will remain active until 3 p.m. next Tuesday, when he will then email it to the Bronson administration and present paper copies at next week’s assembly meeting.

Yesterday, The Blue Alaskan revealed details related to this month’s resignation of longtime APL employee Linda Klein. Klein said she had been accused by unqualified individuals running the public library of being biased and of having an agenda, comments Klein said cut her to the core and which affected her mental and physical health.

My interview with Klein can be found below.