Oh Boy. Recall Jamie Allard Facebook Group Forms

According to Ballotpedia, 4,131 Eagle River voters did not vote for Mrs. Allard in the general election for Anchorage Assembly District 2 Seat C on April 7, 2020. These numbers may indicate that the “Recall Jamie Allard” effort has a path to garnering the 2,500 votes needed to succeed in their effort.

The Facebook group dedicated to the recall effort began with just a few supporters, and now has a membership of 154 people.


A Facebook group calling itself “Recall Jamie Allard” has been seen on Facebook. The group was created on January 24 when the vanity license plate controversy began.

The Eagle River-based Facebook group says approximately 2,500 signatures will be required to advance the recall, which I’m told is a serious organized effort.

The group says they find it unacceptable that a public official: “Supports enabling hate speech in our community, consistently disrupts assembly business, unethically uses her publicly funded position to incite disruptive violence by her supporters, consistently bullies, dissuades, deletes and marginalizes citizens of her district who are not aligned with her personal viewpoints. For these reasons – and many more – we are dedicated to the recall of Jamie Allard and stepping towards more grace and dignity in our beloved City.”

No further information about the up-and-coming recall effort has been provided at this time — but you may reasonably infer that if more information comes to light — I’ll be sure to share it.