Margo Bellamy announces school board re-election campaign

Margo Bellamy has announced she will seek re-election to the Anchorage school board and will kick off her campaign with a virtual November 30 fundraising event. Tomorrow, November 20 from 6-7pm, Bellamy will discuss her re-election campaign with George Martinez live on Facebook.

In a statement posted to her campaign website, Bellamy said that she’s seeking re-election because she believes in the promise of public education and that while serving on the school board during the COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges and opportunities, her priorities have not wavered and she remains committed to the education, safety, health, and well-being of school district students and staff.

“With your support, I will continue working towards a more student outcome-focused governance and accountability framework that is laser-focused on improving student outcomes, increasing instructional opportunities for all students, increased community engagement, and educator collaboration.”

Perhaps interestingly, Bellamy’s campaign website notes the “growing threat to public education,” as one of the reasons the current school board president is seeking re-election.

Bellamy’s statement may be a reference to school board meetings across the country that have descended into screaming matches and physical altercations over mask requirements and critical race theory. Anchorage school board meetings have become a favorite target of far-right groups such as the “Save Anchorage” political operation and the astroturfed out-of-state anti-LGBT organization “Alaska Parents’ Rights in Education.”

In light of the GOP threat to public education, it’s clear that Progressives can no longer relinquish control of school boards to Republicans. They should approach them as political battlegrounds to be won.

You can learn more about Bellamy’s campaign on her Facebook page and campaign website. For all you blue birds out there, you can also follow Bellamy on Twitter.