Legislators Celebrate African American Soldiers’ Contribution to Building the Alaska Highway Day

October 25, 2021
Contact: David Song
Phone: 907-465-3424
Email: David.song@akleg.gov

Senator David Wilson (R-Wasilla) and Representative Geran Tarr (D-Anchorage) will be co-hosting a virtual celebration event for the annual African American Soldiers’ Contribution to Building Alaska Highway Day, also known simply as Alaska Highway Day.

This official state holiday was established through the passage of Sen. Wilson’s bill, SB 46, in 2017.  Rep. Tarr and Sen. Wilson will be joined by several community leaders/educators who were instrumental in passing this legislation, including Dr. Jean Pollard, Jim Dault, and Shala Dobson. The Alaska Highway Project was historic not only because it was one of the largest projects completed by the US Army Corps of Engineers, but also it was a key step towards racial integration in the US Army. 

This event will also feature a new documentary detailing the history of the Alaska Highway and the key role that African American soldiers played in the construction of this critical roadway. 

Who: Representative Geran Tarr and Senator David Wilson

What: Celebration of Alaska Highway Day and Documentary Premiere

When: October 25, 2021, 12-1 PM AKDT

Where: Anchorage LIO, event will be streamed on Akleg.gov.


For more information, contact:

David Song, staff to Representative Tarr, at 907-465-3424, or at David.song@akleg.gov.