Kelly Lessens: Parent, Volunteer and Advocate

Kelly Lessens is running for Seat B on the Anchorage School Board — her oppenent is embroiled Eagle River assemblywoman Jamie Allard ally — Judy Eledge.

Lessens says that her vision “is for every student to enter adulthood with strong academic foundations, a belief in their own capacity for lifelong learning, and the ability to collaborate, to innovate, to empathize, and to overcome failure.”

Two years ago, Lessens began working with school board members, administrators, teachers, parents, and a network of community stakeholders to create and implement ASD’s nationally-respected Wellness Pilot program.

Her goal has been to give all students evidence-based time for nutrition and recess, so as to provide equitable baselines for learning. During the past year, NEA-Alaska recognized the group she co-founded, ASD60, as their 2020 “Champions of Children,” while the State of Alaska featured their work as a “School Health Success Story.”

Kelly proudly supports trans and LGBTQ students, families, and community members, and equity is a main pillar of her platform.

Mrs. Lessens has agreed to a Q&A with the Blue Alaskan — so be on the lookout for that in the near future.

To learn more about Kelly’s vision and values – visit both her website and Facebook page.