Jason Karpinski Facing Additional Charges of Sexual Assault

Jason Karpinski Facing Additional Charges of Sexual Assault

Jason A. Karpinski of Anchorage, who was indicted on April 28, 2021, of two counts of Sexual Assault in the First Degree and eight counts of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree, now faces additional charges of sexual assault according to updated records in Alaska Courtview.

According to Courtview, on June 24, 2021, 15 additional charges of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree – ‘Contact By a Health Professional’ and 3 counts of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree – ‘Contact Without Consent’ were added to the list of 10 charges Karpinski was already facing.

Karpinski was a previously licensed traveling massage therapist who responded to clients’ homes to provide services. Karpinski advertised and contacted potential clients through social media. Additionally, Karpinski was also employed at Midtown Chiropractic in 2019. Karpinski’s massage license was surrendered to the state earlier this year, and he no longer holds a valid license.

Alaska State Representative Sara Rasmussen wrote in response to my Tweet about Karpinki that she too had been solicited by Karpinski and was glad he had been caught.

According to Courtview, a personal injury lawsuit was filed by Jane Doe on May 14, 2021, against Karpinski. Additionally, on May 18, a summons was served on Karpinki’s former employer Midtown Chiropractic LLC β€” a defendant in the lawsuit.

Alaska Courtview Case: 3AN-21-05871

Presently, Karpinski in the custody of the Department of Corrections. Superior Court Judge Peterson increased Karpinski’s bond from $5,000 to $15,000.00 cash performance on May 25, 2021.

Karpinski was active in the Save Anchorage Facebook group where he referred to former Acting Anchorage Mayor Austin-Quinn Davidson as a “fake mayor.” He also posted a flyer to the group on August 1 of last year, which called on others to protest former Anchorage mayor Ethan Berkowitz. Karpinski’s flyer claimed that Berkowitz had broken numerous laws and used “unconstitutional and illegal mandates.”

As of this writing, Karpinski is still a member of the Save Anchorage group.

Karpinski’s criminal case is: 3AN-21-01928

You can read the story of how Mr. Karpinski was brought to justice in an Anchorage Press piece written earlier this year.