Group fundraising to recall assembly member who deserves it

The “Recall Jamie Allard” group says efforts to remove Nazi sympathizer Jamie Allard from her assembly seat are progressing quickly now and are calling on the community to donate to their recall effort.

According to the group, they’ve collected the necessary number of signatures needed to advance the recall petition and now they need cash as the group is not comprised of wealthy doctors and business owners.

“Jamie Allard has been the catalyst for disruption and division over the past year and a half and it is time to unite and rid Anchorage of this divisive assembly member,” the group said in a statement.

Allard was removed from her position on the Alaska Human Rights Commission by Governor Mike Dunleavy earlier this year after she defended Nazi terminology seen on two Alaska vanity license plates. Allard’s self-made license plate scandal made international headlines.

Allard is also a member and cheerleader of the right-wing group “Save Anchorage.” The group is known to espouse antisemitic, homophobic and transphobic sentiments, and members have spread baseless election fraud and COVID-related conspiracy theories.

Last year, Allard responded to an email from Paul Berger, a “Save Anchorage” moderator at the time. The email, sent to the municipal email account of Allard, appears to have contained tips intended for the Bronson campaign. In her response, which she copied to her personal iCloud email account, Allard thanked Berger for his email and asked that anything related to campaigns or anything not directly relevant to Community Council or Assembly issues be sent to her personal email account.

This could be an ethics violation,” Allard responded.

Interested members of the public can donate to the group’s recall effort here.

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