Dr. Al Gross, who ran unsuccessfully to unseat Dan Sullivan in the 2020 U.S. Senate campaign, announced his candidacy today for the U.S. House of Representatives.

The campaign said he will officially file his candidacy on April 1 for both the 2022 Special and General Congressional Elections but will not begin campaigning until Congressman Young has been laid to rest.

“Like so many Alaskans, I have known and admired Congressman Don Young for my entire life, said Al Gross. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Don Young, you admired the Congressman. He was truly always about Alaska. I encourage all candidates to respect the Young family at this difficult time and join me in presenting a positive vision for the future of Alaska in the coming months. That is what Don Young would want and it’s what our state deserves.”

Prior to today’s announcement, conservative Nick Begich III and Anchorage Assembly member Chris Constant, a Democrat, were considered the top two contenders for Rep. Young’s seat.

A press release issued by the campaign said that Gross is non-partisan and will run as a non-partisan in the race.