Dr. Zink says Lots of Transmission Outside of Goose Creek

Anchorage Assemblyman Christopher Constant asked Chief Medical Officer Dr. Zink a question this evening on social media regarding false assertions that the majority of COVID-19 cases being reported in Wasilla, are primarily coming from the Goose Creek Correctional Facility outbreak.

Mr. Constant responded with, “Totally understand that. They were specifically referencing the cases reported today from yesterday.”

Dr. Zink expanded on her remarks, telling Mr. Constant, “don’t have the exact break down by day on how many cases are from one center.  There is also a delay in the dashboard – even a center gets a lot of positives in one day, those cases may be entered in on different days – no way to know without the team running a special report.”

Covid deniers are perpetually spreading misinformation across social media regarding the global pandemic and its effects on Alaska and its residents. Comments on posts from local media outlets have been bombarded with misinformation about the COVID-19 deathtoll, infection rate and daily number of cases and more recently, hospitalizations in the state of Alaska. These social media accounts work overtime to spread doubt and confusion among those genuinely looking for more information on how the pandemic is affecting their state and the people they care about.

If you have seen the rumors being perpetuated by some of these accounts, or what I refer to as “Facebook epidemiologists,” hopefully Dr. Zink’s response puts this particular rumor to rest for you.

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