This is a pretty big deal.

The Alaska Democratic party announced today that it has been awarded a generous grant from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The grant will be used to support the hiring of an Organizing Director who will focus on voter education around new voting laws in Alaska as a result of Ballot Measure 2 – an initiative passed by voters in 2020 which creates one open primary ballot and a ranked-choice general election voting system.

The grant is part of the DNC’s Red State Fund, which was established last year. The seven-digit fund is designed to build tailored programs in traditionally Republican states and assert the importance of Democratic values.

The highly competitive and sought-after grant was applied for by the Alaska Democratic Party and its issuance almost certainly shows that the DNC sees real potential for blueifying Alaska.

The Organizing Director will engage rural and indigenous communities across the state and will be a key component of the Alaska Democratic Party’s Coordinated Campaign during a crucial election year when gubernatorial, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and state legislature races are all on the ballot.

Jaime Harrison, Chairperson of the DNC, said he was thrilled the party was able to invest in Alaska Democrats’ organizing and voter education work on the ground.

“It’s imperitive, now more than ever, to harness the opportunity to elect strong Democratic leaders who will work for working families, fight for lower costs, continue growing the economy and stand up for Alaskans everywhere.”

In addition to the grant, the Alaska Democratic Party says it has seen an increase in funding levels over the past several years as the party and its candidates continue to make gains and increase their numbers across the state.

Learn more about the Organizing Director position here – and if you think you’re suited, apply!