DeLaiarro files 24 page APOC complaint

Paula DeLaiarro, once the treasurer for Assemblymember Forrest Dunbar’s mayoral campaign, just fired off another APOC complaint as a concerned citizen against “Open for Business with Bronson,” but wait, the story gets better.

Anchorage resident Paul Berger is the listed Chair for the Independent Expenditure group and Rebecca Logan is the group’s listed treasurer. The “Open for Business Bronson” Independent Expenditure group participated in the Anchorage Mayoral Runoff Election and has since changed its name to “Open for Business Anchorage.” The IE has registered with APOC to participate in the Anchorage Municipal Special Election, which will determine if Assembly member Meg Zaletel should be recalled.

DeLaiarro’s hefty 24 page complaint alleges multiple violations, including a failure to file required Independent Expenditure (IE) Reports. The group has filed just one late IE report to date.

The APOC complaint alleges that together with what she believes are missing IE reports, the group should have disclosed over $80,000 in income and over $50,000 in expenditures. The complaint also alleges the group failed to report correct donor information.

The IE’s 105 Day Report lists one individual donor and 3 businesses all with the same address, which DeLaiarro suggests is the address of Hilcorp, Alaska, who is not listed as a donor.

The 105 Day Report also listed a $2000 contribution from WEKA Tactical, LLC but the May 3, 24-Hour Report listed a $2000 contribution from WEKA, LLC.

WEKA Tactical, LLC and WEKA, LLC are two distinct businesses with completely different NAICS codes.

DeLairro also alleges in her complaint that Open for Business – Bronson / Open for Business Anchorage purchased a domain registration before registering with APOC.

In a prepared statement provided to The Blue Alaskan, DeLaiarro wrote of her complaint:

“Open for Business Bronson, renamed Open for Business Anchorage, is an Independent Expenditure (IE) group that has engaged in sloppy reporting and the non-filing of required APOC IE reports. The latter includes non-reporting of substantial income and expenditures on Independent Expenditure Reports. The reported donor information leaves doubt as to who made several larger contributions. Failure to provide accurate, transparent and timely reporting deprives the public – and the opposition – of the information that APOC statutes dictate.” 

If the IE chooses to respond to the APOC complaint they must do so no later than Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

You can read the full complaint below. It’s a heck of a read.