Out Of State Business Interests Located In ‘Alaskans For Change’

Out Of State Business Interests Located In ‘Alaskans For Change’

CP Management, Inc. gave $50,000 to pro-Bronson independent expenditure group (IE) ‘Alaskans for Change – Bronson’ during the Anchorage mayoral election and another $10,000 just ahead of the mayoral runoff election, but just who is CP Management and umm…where the hell are they?

First, I would be remiss I didn’t point out that William Yung and Thomas Drake are the listed Chair and Treasurer (respectively) of ‘Alaskans for Change – Bronson,’ and both listed addresses for the dynamic duo are the same address in Kentucky.

Keeping that in mind, let us turn to APOC filings made by the independent expenditure group ‘Alaskans for Change – Bronson,’ and in them, you’ll note that CP Management Inc. gave a total of $60,000 to the IE.

Alaskans for Change – Bronson, APOC

The address listed for CP Management Inc. on the APOC filing is a Florida residential address for CP Management Inc., President William Yung.

CP Management’s actual address can be found on its corporation filing on the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Online Business Filing website. The Principal Office for CP Management is listed as 740 Centre View Blvd Crestview Hills, Kentucky 41017 – the same address is listed on the IE groups APOC registration for Yung and Drake.

CP Management, Inc. Kentucky Secretary of State Website

Because I have nothing better to do with my time, I rummaged through the State of Alaska’s Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing website and found amended articles of organization for an LLC called Alaskans for Change.

According to the amended and restated articles of organization, William Yung and Thomas Drake are the President and Secretary, respectively, of Alaskans for Change, LLC, and the document says that the “membership interests for Alaska’s for change LLC have been transferred from and assigned by, “Columbia Sussex Corporation to CP Management Inc.”

Columbia Sussex is a privately owned hotel company based in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. The company owns and operates hotels in various parts of the United States. The current president and founder of Columbia Sussex is William J. Yung.

Columbia Sussex owns hotels in Anchorage — the Homewood Suites, the Hampton Inn, the Hilton Garden Inn, and of course, the Anchorage Marriott.

Naturally, Mayor Bronson was photographed under a big fancy sign congratulating him on his mayoral win and which was signed with lots of outside corporate love by the “Columbia Sussex Corporation.”

‘We lined your pockets, now enjoy living in ours!’

To recap, Yung is the Chair of the pro-Bronson independent expenditure group, the President and founder of Columbia Sussex Corporation, and the President of CP Management Inc., located in Kentucky — not Florida — and which is the out of state corporation that gave $60,000 to the independent expenditure group Yung is the Chair of.


This would all be hilarious if it wasn’t so infuriating. Anyway, thanks, Mr. Yung! Or CP Management Inc., or Columbia Sussex, or whoever the hell you are.