Bronson Backpedaling on Alaska Club Purchase

Bronson Backpedaling on Alaska Club Purchase

At Sunday’s Alaska Black Caucus Community Discussion with members of the Anchorage Assembly and Anchorage anesthesiologist Dr. John Morris present, an attendee asked the panel whether the Alaska Club purchase was still being considered to help address homelessness.

The back and forth between the Anchorage Assembly and the Bronson administration on a potential Alaska Club purchase is enough to give one whiplash.

On July 6, the Bronson administration said it was unlikely they would proceed with the purchase of the building, but then on July 9, they said they wouldn’t consider the building purchase. Mayor Bronson opted instead to push ahead with the purchase of a big shiny mass shelter they hoped to plop down in Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar’s district.

‘Bronsonville’ was estimated to cost over 30 million dollars when first-year operating costs were eventually factored in.

After he was done showing off his stress ball to everyone watching the Zoom event—Dr. Morris gave a surprising answer to the Alaska Club question when he said “we are considering everything, shorter answer, yes.”

I was not personally watching the event when Dr. Morris commented, but my email box blew up moments later. I was thankful that upon opening my emails I didn’t see the name of Jamie Allard mentioned anywhere. Phew!

Back to the story—Dunbar said he was glad to hear from Dr. Morris that the Alaska Club purchase was still being considered.

Dunbar reiterated that even though the Muni had lost earnest money on the proposed purchase of the building, the owners were, “for the good of the community,” still willing to put it towards the purchase price even though they weren’t legally obligated to do so.

Recently, The Blue Alaskan was referred to as Propaganda Minister—although I’m not quite sure for who—but, as part of my new “official duties,” I sprang into action—seeking out the clip from last night’s Community Discussion so you watch and hear the exchange for yourselves.