Apparently Mayor David Bronson’s pick for Municipal librarian is…wait for it…not a librarian.

If you haven’t yet heard, Anchorage Mayor David Bronson has appointed a new library director, Sami Graham, but according to Graham’s online resume, she is likely not qualified to serve as Municipal Librarian.

According to her online resume, Graham has a wealth of experience — but in education.

Graham’s Anchorage School District Board campaign website says that Graham holds a BS in Music Education, has an unspecified MS in Educational Leadership, and has worked as a principal, assistant principal, teacher, and counselor.

What’s lacking in Graham’s resume is any kind of educational background or work experience related to public libraries.

A job listing for the Anchorage Public Director’s position shows that the minimum qualifications for the position include a Master’s degree in Library Science from an American Library Association accredited college or university and 7 years of professional library experience, of which three 3 years were in an administrative capacity in a moderate to large library system.

“Experience must include developing, implementing, and maintaining library programs and services, building collections, and providing service to multicultural communities,” according to the online job description.

Online Job Listing for Anchorage Public Library Director

Based on the listed requirements and preferences for the position, it seems that if Ms. Graham were applying for this position, she likely wouldn’t be considered.

Sources within the Anchorage Public Library system say they are concerned about the lack of qualifications of Mayor Bronson’s appointee.

The Anchorage Municipal Code requires that the Anchorage Assembly hold confirmation hearings for mayoral appointees that require assembly approval. Confirmation hearings are publicly noticed and open for anyone to attend.