Bronson Nominee: “It’s Payback Time”

Bronson Nominee: “It’s Payback Time”

A registered account on the website “NotPolitical” is alleged to be associated with Jim Wojciehowski, Anchorage Mayor David Bronson’s nominee to the Health Commission.

The Blue Alaskan identified the website and account earlier this week.

In the two-page thread titled “Anchorage Health and Human Services Commission,” on the “NotPolitical” website, the user “Frostbit” appears to aim at the Health and Human Services Commission by suggesting nobody currently on the Commission has read the actual mission statement and wrote that they had submitted their application for a seat on the Commission that day, noting that “Joyce will likely do the same.”

Joyce is the wife of Jim Wojciehowski, and the “Frostbit” account writes knowledgeably in the thread about specific details related to the nomination, the Health Commission, and the most recent assembly meeting.

NotPolitical Website, July 20, 2021

A comment made to the same thread by “Frostbit” says that their submission made by the office of Mayor Bronson—was filed and fast-tracked by an assembly member 24 hours before Tuesday’s assembly meeting, writing they were never notified as being on the assembly’s agenda for that same day.

The fast-tracking referred to here likely came at the behest of the Mayor’s office.

“Frostbit” wrote that they had received a text from an “activist friend” who told them that they had been “buried in the consent agenda” and that someone from the Health and Human Services Commission testified they were a Covid denier.

According to this specific comment, “Frostbit” drove “quickly down to the assembly meeting,” which they had avoided since they had an application in for the Commission. “Frostbit” also wrote that the assembly was “ignorant of science.”

“Frostbit” wrote that even though members of the assembly saw them standing in the back of the chambers Tuesday evening, they were not given a chance to address “accusations” made by members of the public who testified about their appointment that “Frostbit” was a “COVID Denier” and “anti-vax.”

I noted last week that Bronson’s appointee has previously stated that he has received the COVID-19 vaccine.

In the two-page thread, “Frostbit” references a “hit piece” written by “blob” The Blue Alaskan, writing they admire how much time I put into “searching social media digging up and time stamping” all of their assembly presentations.

“Frostbit” links to the July 25, 2021 “hit piece.”

When asked by another forum member whether “Frostbit” could potentially sway any of the assembly members if they spoke to them personally, they responded by writing:

“Four are definitely hard no. Three are hard yes. That leaves four. I’m meeting with one on Monday. He’s likely a no but playing the I’m persuadable game. I’ve offered to meet and answer any questions. 

I’ve been an irritating pain in the ass reality checker to them. It’s payback time. I don’t care either way but I feel bad for the Mayor. He really wanted me on that Commission.”

It’s not clear what kind of “payback” might be forthcoming nor who the assembly member is that may simply be playing “the I’m persuadable game.”

“Frostbit” also shared a link to Tuesday’s assembly meeting identifying the public testimony of Donna Meyers (it’s actually Mears), a member of the Health and Human Services Commission, and opines that Mears opposed their appointment to give her time to encourage others to apply for the Commission.

“Frostbit” also goes on to give an example of the “childish mentality” of assembly Vice-Chair Christopher Constant and references the much talked about “shadow” mayor some claim was created to “circumvent Mayor Bronson.”

In their last comment made to the thread, “Frostbit” wrote that they were now “in the enviable position of the Honey Badger. “Honey Badger, don’t give a shit.”

Elsewhere on the NotPolitical website, “Frostbit” wrote in July that “those with natural immunity from infection are faring much better against the Delta variant than those vaccinated,” a statement Elmhurst University Professor of Biology Stacey Raimondi wrote “has been completely disproved by the research.”

“Frostbit” Natural Immunity

You can find the two-page thread here and a word of caution—if you go exploring on the related website, note that it is not secure.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends mask-wearing even among those vaccinated. Yesterday, the Washington Post revealed an internal CDC document that includes new research which suggests vaccinated people can spread the virus.