The Bronson administration goes dark.

Friday’s really are ‘take out the trash day.’

An email sent by Municipal Manager Amy Demboski to all Municipal Departments states that effective immediately all communications from the Administration to the Assembly, Assembly Aides, Assembly Staff, the Clerk, Clerk’s Office Staff or Assembly Counsel will now solely be sent through the Municipal Manager or designee.

Demboski wrote in her email that the Legislative branch and some of its employees have refused to respect the separation of powers between the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Demboski alleges, without citing specifics, that informal back channels have been used to gain access to information that is impinging on the Bronson administration’s staff time.

Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance sent me a brief statement when asked about Demboksi’s letter –

“It’s certainly reasonable for the administration to have a clear internal communications policy. However, government best serves the people when there’s open communication between the executive and legislative branches. This policy goes too far and doesn’t recognize the assembly’s legal right to information. It definitely makes it more challenging to get the city’s business done.”

You can read Demboski’s letter detailing her plans to micromanage everything, below. If you’re looking for anything in her letter related to the Bronson administration protecting public health and safety as COVID-19 rages out of control, move along.