Boogaloo “Refuse to be Silenced” Planned for Alaska

A website calling itself, “Tree of Liberty” has announced a nationwide event to be held on January 17, 2021 at various cities around the country, just after insurrectionists stormed Capitol Hill. Anchorage is listed as a city where the event is taking place even though it is not the capital of Alaska.

The “Refuse to be Silenced” event is being organized by the Boogaloo Movement. The movement, whose adherents are often referred to as ‘boogaloo boys’ or ‘boogaloo bois,’ is a loosely organized far-right, anti-government, and extremist political movement in the United States which has also been described as a militia.

Boogaloo adherents say they are preparing for, or seek to incite, a second American Civil War which they call the boogaloo.

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In their online posting for the “event,” the organizer states, “I must make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that we will not be acting in the way that the Trump protesters acted this week,” but given the group’s history – it seems clear not everyone will be convinced.

Posters for the event list 800 East Dimond Blvd. in Anchorage as the location where the event will be held which we know is the Dimond Center. Attempts to verify the event was being held at the location were not immediately responded to.