With this morning’s announcement that I have successfully onboarded and will begin work with the Alaska Democratic Party tomorrow, ultimately assuming the role of Communications Director for the Party on May 13, I wanted to take a moment and thank those who have read and supported The Blue Alaskan. It has been a great joy to have provided (I hope) a much-needed online space for Democrats, Progressives and Moderate voices these past many months.

While The Blue Alaskan Blog will remain online, given my new role with the Alaska Democratic Party, I will no longer be writing as the time constraints associated with the upcoming election cycle draw near.

I want to especially thank Matt Acuña Buxton, Dermot Cole, Pat Dougherty, Kellen Pierce and Matt Hickman who through their own incredible writing and words of support encouraged me to be better and to aim higher.

Also to be thanked are those who attempted to access administrative levels of The Blue Alaskan website, the many others who emailed threats containing IP addresses and, of course, civic activists who sent their apparent desire for legal action with a smattering of misinformation mixed in.

The far-right would have you believe that the word Democrat is a dirty word, but in my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth.

The Democratic Party fights to lower costs for working families, seeks investments in the middle class and supports voting rights and minority rights, including LGBT rights. While Republicans sought to tighten voting rules after suffering losses in the 2020 election, Democrats and Democratic states moved to expand the voting rights of felons because they understand that felony disenfranchisement disproportionately affects communities of color.

Democrats are the party of inclusion, while Republicans actively seek to censor material from public and school libraries under the guise of wanting to protect children — part of a rising right-wing campaign to subvert local and state governments in an effort to control teachers and impose an ideologically skewed picture of what students should learn about America’s culture and history.

I look forward to continuing the amazing work Jeanne Devon has done as Communications Director.