Ballot packages mailed out for Special Election

A press release issued yesterday by Anchorage Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones states that ballot packages have been mailed to District 4 voters for the October 26, 2021 Special Election called following the certification of the petition to recall Assembly Member Meg Zaletel.

A special interest group has forced the city to hold an expensive special election to attempt to recall Meg Zaletel, from office, just months before the Regular Election.

Disturbing holocaust imagery seen last week at meetings of the Anchorage Assembly

Last week, assembly member Zaletel’s name was seen on Stars of David during an Anchorage Assembly meeting. The imagery was handcrafted with care by now former “Save Anchorage” member and longtime Alaska GOP operative Christine Hill. Ms. Hill is also a listed founding member of Alaskans for Open Meetings.

Assembly member Forrest Dunbar, who is Jewish, decried the use of the Star of David, which also bore the words “Do Not Comply,” and read a letter he received from his rabbi, Abram Goodstein.

“It was heart-wrenching for me when I noticed individuals were wearing yellow Stars of David, mimicking my Jewish ancestors who perished during the Holocaust,” Dunbar read, quoting Goodstein.

During an effort to recall assembly member Felix Rivera from his seat on the assembly earlier this year, Hill was photographed wearing chains and shackles around her neck while also wearing a shirt with Rivera’s face on it.

The group “No on Zaletel Recall” is fighting the attempt to recall the democratically elected Midtown representative. Zaletel has previously said that special elections cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and waste countless hours of municipal employee time.

You can read yesterday’s press release from Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones below and find out more information on the “No on Zaletel Recall” group at this link.