Assembly member Zaletel set to return to Assembly Chambers

Assembly member Zaletel set to return to Assembly Chambers

After repeatedly stating over the past several weeks that she would not return until additional COVID mitigation strategies were in place, Midtown Assembly Member Meg Zaletel announced that she would return to the Assembly Chambers for today’s regular meeting of the Anchorage Assembly.

“I have been able to get a vaccination booster and was allowed the required time for it to be fully effective. This action significantly lowers my ability to transmit COVID-19 to unvaccinated individuals, especially if I am masked and maintain physical distancing. Most importantly, it significantly reduces any chance that I could bring COVID-19 home to my family where my child is too young to be vaccinated and attending public school,” said Zaletel.

Zaletel says that had the Bronson administration cooperated with universal masking and physical distancing through spacing on the dias as well as capacity limitation, as suggested by Assembly leadership, the effects of these recent positive cases could have been minimized. Instead, there is now a need for many Assembly members to quarantine after being exposed by members of the Administration.

Last Friday, the Bronson administration confirmed that Municipal Manager Amy Demboski and Municipal Attorney Patrick Bergt tested positive for the coronavirus. Numerous members of the public who have attended a series of recently held Anchorage Assembly meetings say they too have tested positive for the virus.

Today’s regular meeting of the Assembly begins at 5:00 p.m. Those who are COVID conscious can watch the meeting on the Municipality of Anchorage Meetings YouTube Channel.