ASD Mitigation Plan Recommends Universal Mask Wearing for all Individuals Inside any ASD School or Building

ASD Mitigation Plan Recommends Universal Mask Wearing for all Individuals Inside any ASD School or Building

This post has been updated to reflect that the mitigation plan will be presented to the Anchorage School Board on August 3 for review and discussion. Public testimony will be taken at the August 3 meeting. Those interested in testifying can sign up here.

In an email sent today to students, families, employees, and community members, Anchorage School District Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop wrote she is recommending universal masking for all individuals while inside any ASD school or building.

Dr. Bishop wrote that the mitigation plan will be presented to the Anchorage School Board at its August 3 meeting where the board will review and discuss the mitigation plan. Dr. Bishop’s email notes that some exceptions will apply to the mask policy and that masking while outside will be optional. Dr. Bishop wrote that “schools have not been a vector of spread with proper mitigation.”

The school district’s universal masking policy is likely to play well with parents and staff of the school district who have grown increasingly concerned about the spread of the virus within the Municipality of Anchorage in recent weeks.

The vocal minority of anti-maskers such as the Alaska Parents’ Rights in Education group led by activist Annie Massey will likely raise a stink about the universal masking policy.

You can read Dr. Bishop’s letter below.

Dear Students, Families, Employees, and Community Members,

The countdown is on for the start of the 2021-2022 school year! Over the coming days, principals, teachers, and staff will begin the exciting migration back to buildings, where we are planning a strong start for our students to the new school year. You can anticipate a twice-monthly letter as you had last year, sharing the latest learning updates. These updates will arrive in your inbox on or near the first and fifteenth of each month.

With just weeks to go until the first bell, I have received questions from many parents and community members about the upcoming school year, as the COVID risk levels in our community shift. We have learned much about COVID while on this rollercoaster ride of a pandemic; when we know better, we do better. What we know about in-person learning is that with proper mitigation, schools have not been a vector of spread. The District successfully ran its largest summer learning program in years, with more than 9,000 students participating in some form of in-person learning between June and August. During our summer school programs, we had less than 10 confirmed COVID cases and no known spread. 

With the confidence we have built in mitigating COVID, we approach the new school year with optimism, while being cognizant of the new Delta variant that is rapidly spreading across the globe and has reached our community. Our goal is to make ASD buildings the safest buildings in Anchorage for our students to flourish and learn in a full-length school day. With this goal and the consideration of community feedback, public health recommendations, and the current community risk level, I would like to share with you the 2021-2022 Return to School Operational Guidelines, Start Strong.

Our mitigation plan this year focuses on how to continue accelerated learning in person, while allowing for full participation in activities, clubs, and social learning opportunities. We know school activities are important to student development. The updated mitigation plan focuses primarily on:

1.     Universal masking will be required for all individuals while inside any ASD school or building. Some exceptions will apply. Masking while outside is optional.

2.     Keep ASD Symptom Free. We must all do our part to minimize viral spread. Please stay home and get tested if you are experiencing ANY symptoms.

3.     Cleaning and Disinfecting. Regular cleaning of classrooms, buses, and offices will continue. Hand sanitizer will be readily available and frequent handwashing will be encouraged. Enhancements and upgrades have been made to building HVAC systems to allow for optimal ventilation and air exchange. 

4.     Keeping students and staff in the learning environment. The District will continue to make COVID-19 vaccine clinics available to eligible students (with parental consent), staff, and community members through a contracted provider. Additionally, following new guidance from the CDC, asymptomatic, properly masked students and fully vaccinated individuals will not be required to quarantine if deemed a close contact.

These past few weeks I have gathered information, heard from parents and staff, and spoken with experts. The science tells us the new variant is highly contagious, is circulating around the globe, and is at a high rate in our community. Given the rapid rise of COVID cases in Anchorage and the new public health recommendations provided last week by the CDC, I will recommend this mitigation plan to the Anchorage School Board. The Board will review and discuss it during its August 3 meeting. 

As we look ahead, I would like to thank you for your patience and perseverance. I foresee a strong school start with a spectrum of opportunities for our students. I am confident with proper mitigation and a laser focus on learning we will have an excellent school year. Please know ASD continues to offer options for your family in school, at home, or a combination of both. To find the latest and greatest on flexible solutions within ASD, please visit the District website.


Dr. Deena Bishop

ASD Superintendent