As Bronson Campaign Falters — Democratic Campaigns Find Footing

The mayoral campaign of David Bronson faltered just days after the Anchorage mayoral race officially began as pictures emerged of a Bronson for Mayor fundraiser held at an Anchorage restaurant that didn’t appear to be exactly “COVID conscious.”

Pictures of the event were removed from public view, according to the Bronson campaign’s Facebook page, citing “harassment and bullying of the location and owner.”

Municipal code enforcers have reportedly been dispatched to investigate locations associated with the campaign events — which may be in violation of emergency orders issued by Anchorage Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson.

Anchorage residents across social media expressed their disgust and outrage at photographs of the campaign event, with one writing: “What a sad little whiner. This guy cries about “harassment and bullying” when he’s called out for hosting a Covid superspreader event and expects us to think that’s strong leadership worthy of Anchorage?”

One social media user tagged the campaigns of Bill Falsey and Forrest Dunbar in a comment, writing that the highly infectious variant of COVID-19 has now shown up in Washington state and that “Alaska cannot afford a COVID denier as Anchorage mayor,” drawing a response from mayoral candidate Bill Falsey who wrote, “true” in response.

Candidate Forrest Dunbar found himself in the crosshairs of a right-wing blogger who accused Dunbar of referring to the Bronson campaign event as a “superspreader event.”

Dunbar himself was not immediately available for comment this weekend because he’s serving in the Alaska Army National Guard, but Forrest Dunbar for Mayor campaign manager Claire Shaw said in a written statement: “Forrest is going to get Anchorage back to business by tackling our current public health crisis, not pretending it doesn’t exist. Fact-based leadership in the Mayor’s office is a prerequisite to getting our economy back on track.”

A majority of Anchorage residents seem to support the public health measures which aim to keep transmission of COVID-19 down within the municipality.

Reportedly, the Bronson campaign, which is backed by the ‘misinformation’ group Save Anchorage, has opted to take future fundraisers “underground.” It’s not exactly clear what that means for the campaign moving forward.