APOC Filing by Recall Rivera Shows Massive Outside Spending

An APOC Independent expenditure filing made by Recall Rivera — the group effort to recall District 4 Anchorage Assemblyman Felix Rivera — shows a whopping $15,750.00 expenditure to WPAI, a Washington D.C.-based company that conducts “conservative” research.

Many Alaska residents have said they’ve received annoying push-polls from out-of-state telephone numbers asking if they’re aware of Assemblyman Rivera’s alleged civil traffic debts — a question some residents said they found distasteful. Perhaps interestingly, a social media post made to Parler on December 18, 2020 by Recall Rivera Chair Russell Biggs — also referred to Rivera’s alleged “student loan liens and wage garnishment for unpaid traffic tickets.”

Reclaim Midtown has, in recent days, bemoaned “Felix Rivera’s union and party handlers from California,” and attacked the Alaska Center as well as Tides Advocacy Group, calling them “a San Francisco-based political arm masquerading as a charity that effectively anonymizes millions in political donations.”

The Recall Rivera group appears to have enlisted plenty of outside help of its own in the form of push-polling and political consultants; as Robert Phillips III is listed on the group’s APOC filings as Deputy Treasurer. Mr. Phillips is located in Dublin, Ohio.

The NIMBY recall group has apparently spared no expense in their quest to rid themselves of the openly gay Latino Assemblyman while maintaining an air of hypocrisy regarding outside spending.