APOC Erases $30k Fine

APOC Erases $30k Fine

I received more than a few emails about this in response to a post recently made to a Facebook page and which was shared with the Save Anchorage group. The post shared only a portion of the Order.

The Alaska Public Offices Commission issued its Final Report regarding a notice of violation against Alaska Progressive Donor Table (APDT) for a late-filed contribution report.

APOC upheld the notice of violation in its final order of June 21, 2021, but waived the $30,000 statutory penalty because APDT was a first-time filer and because the entity appealed the notice of violation to the Commission.

No, really, that’s itβ€”other than to note the new reporting requirements initiated by Ballot Measure 2 are a terrible burden on treasurers. I predict many violations by all parties during the upcoming 2022 cycle.

You can read the Final Order issued by APOC below, perhaps noting that nowhere did anything like an email confidentiality notice ever come up.