Anchorage Mayor David Bronson issued an emergency order mandating residents in the vicinity of Milepost 7.0 and 7.9 of Hiland Road evacuate the area so that avalanche mitigation efforts may commence.

The Mayor’s mandate was issued in response to the Hiland Road Avalanche that occurred on March 24 and is effective from 10:00am today until 8pm this evening. Mayor Bronson’s emergency order, which was prepared and signed yesterday, states that a willful failure to evacuate upon provision of the order would constitute a crime under Anchorage Municipal Code 8.30.015.

According to a press release issued by the Office of the Mayor, there is a continued potential for danger posed by the remaining snowpack on the mountain and mitigation efforts cannot commence until impacted residents have evacuated.

In justifying the need for residents to evacuate, Mayor Bronson’s office said that an uncontrolled release of the snowpack, at an unknown time, could result in the loss of lives.

“It is the Municipality’s interest to prevent the loss of life through another uncontrolled avalanche,” Bronson’s office wrote.

Today’s press release notes that mitigation efforts will occur under the supervision of a State of Alaska Avalanche Technician. Crews from the Anchorage Police Department and Anchorage Fire Department are also assisting residents in the evacuation process, and those impacted are being provided a fact sheet about the recovery efforts and a copy of the mandated evacuation order.

I never thought I’d see a day when Mayor Bronson would mandate anything, especially given his administration’s unwillingness to help prevent sickness and loss of life caused by a deadly virus. We can only hope his Save Anchorage supporters don’t quickly organize a protest against his unconstitutional and tyrannical directive. ?

Don’t forget, if you’ve been affected by Mayor Bronson’s mandate to evacuate, Assemblyperson Jamie Allard said she’s willing to take your Anchorage Municipal Ballot from you! ?

You can read Mayor Bronson’s emergency order mandating the evacuation of impacted residents below.

Seriously though, be safe everyone.