Anchorage NAACP Demands Mayor Bronson “Reverse Illegal Firing” of Chief Equity Officer.

A press release issued today by Anchorage NAACP calls for the reinstatement of Municipal Chief Equity Officer Clifford Armstrong III, who was reportedly fired last week by the Bronson administration.

The press release states that Armstrong was “illegally terminated” in an attempt by the Bronson administration to cover up a report on the city’s record on equal opportunity hiring in Anchorage and that Armstrong’s firing was in clear violation of Municipal Code Section 3.20.140 which states that the mayor can only dismiss the Chief Equity Officer for cause shown and only with the consent of the Anchorage Assembly.

The Anchorage NAACP, in their press release, alleges that the Bronson administration terminated Armstrong without cause and without the Assembly’s consent.

“The Mayor needs to re-hire the Chief Equity Officer immediately, because the firing was illegal,” said Anchorage NAACP President Kevin McGee,“ who also called on Mayor Bronson to “come clean” with the public about the Equity Officer’s report that the Anchorage NAACP says the Bronson administration is trying to cover up.

According to the Anchorage NAACP, Chief Equity Officer Armstrong wrote a report documenting the city’s failure to comply with federal civil rights laws, a failure the Anchorage NAACP says puts at risk federal funding used by the city. Anchorage NAACP also said in their press release that Armstrong was terminated after sharing the final report with high-ranking Bronson administration staff in an apparent attempt to cover up the report.

The press release was posted to the Facebook page of Anchorage NAACP President Kevin D. McGee.