Anchorage Assembly Welcomes Public Input on the Budget

With the review of the proposed 2022 municipal budget underway, the Anchorage Assembly is encouraging the public to review and provide input on the budget.

A press release issued today by Anchorage Assembly Legislative Liaison Clare Ross details how the public can review budget documentation and presentations, watch budget work sessions, and submit written, phone or email testimony.

Growing Alaskan Leaders has shared a list of “red flags” the group says they have identified in the budget:

  • Hides a flat-funded budget with complicated reorganization.
  • Achieves “cuts” by using dedicated (by public vote) alcohol tax funds to fund government.
  • Creates a top-heavy executive team with several new positions, while cutting existing jobs.
  • Cuts to the Police and Fire Departments.
  • Cuts current jobs, from building inspectors to water utility staff.
  • Abandons the mental health first responders program.
  • Slashes brand-new Pre-K funding in half, by $1 million.
  • Cuts $250,000 in prevention grants.
  • Cuts $250,000 for providers who serve victims of violence.
  • Anchorage Public Library moves under Parks & Recreation Department and the library director would no longer need Assembly approval.
  • Cuts all East Anchorage park projects planned for 2022.
  • Cuts funds to, and moves the Mobile Crisis Team under APD.

The first public hearing on the proposed budget is Wednesday, Oct 27. Interested individuals who wish to provide written testimony or provide testimony over the phone during the Assembly meeting can sign up at this link. You can read today’s press release below.